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The movie “Judgement at Nuremberg” and Accuracy in Portrayal of the War

December 5, 2011


I thought that the movie “Judgment at Nuremberg” was a really interesting take on the portrayal of WWII. Instead of focusing on the events that happened during the actual time of war, it showed the trials of the Nazis by Americans after Germany lost. I liked this better than “World at War” and “Shoah” because it showed an aspect of WWII I never learned about before. The facts that are brought about in “World at War” are interesting, but I have heard about the happenings during the war alot in history classes. The Nazi trials are not brought up in “World at War” or “Bloodlands” in depth as in “Judgment at Nuremberg.”

I would give “Judgment at Nuremberg” a 7 as far as truthfully portraying the war. I think that a lot of the dialogue in “Judgment at Nuremberg” happened during the Nazi trials, but I also think some conversations were added for drama. For example, it seems unrealistic that the judge of the trials would allow the defense prosecution lawyers to bicker back and forth in a heated fit of passion for as long as they did during the movie. This appears to be added to make the trial more intriguing to watch overall.



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